Sony cameras

Cameras, Lenses, Storage, Sound, Vision and Additional Equipment

These assets will be sold by live and online auction between February 22 and 24 2022.

The assets include:


  • Sony HDC 2500 HD camera channels
  • Sony HDC 3100 HD camera channels
  • Sony HDC 3500 4K camera channels
  • Sony HDC 3300 HD super motion camera channels
  • Grass Valley LDX 86N 4K camera channels


  • Canon UJ90 x 9B UHD Digisuper 90 lenses
  • Fujinon UA80x9BE 4K lenses
  • Canon XJ86 x 9.3B lenses
  • Canon UJ86 x 9.3B UHD Digisuper 86 Lens
  • Over 100 other lenses including Canon HJ22ex7.6B, HJ14x4.3B, CJ20x7.8B, CJ12ex4.3B, KJ20x8.5B KRS


  • Vinten V250 pedestals
  • Vinten 750 tripods
  • Vinten steering pedestals
  • Vinten Vector 430 heads

Production Servers

  • EVS XT3 8 channel production server, several with ChannelMax
  • EVS XFile 3 Server


  • Riedel Artist talkback Equipment
  • Soundfield DSF-1 microphone systems
  • Calrec Hydra audio networking systems
  • Telecast HDX, SHED BS and Python systems
  • Coles, Sennheiser and additional microphones
  • Wohler, JVC and TSL audio signal monitoring equipment
  • Canford, Genelec and Fostex speakers
  • Sennheiser receivers and transmitters
  • Wisycom RF equipment
  • Black Magic artist interface
  • Allen & Heath SQ5 sound mixing desk


  • Viewsonic, Vutrix, Pansonic, Sony, Eizo and JVC monitors
  • Marshall Multiviewers
  • Apple Mac presentation servers and large screens

OB truck comms and IT equipment

  • Netinsight Nimbra 680 router
  • Barnfiled fibre routers
  • GV Densite 3 servers
  • Cisco routers
  • Motorola Radios


  • Generator
  • Skyjack SAJ3226 scissor lift
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • Computers and IT equipment

And a large number of additional assets, more information to be added soon.